6 Facts about Kava – Know More about Your Favorite Drink

Kava tea has started to become popular in different parts of the world, including the United States. It’s known for its relaxing properties and its unique taste. If you’re fascinated by this type of drink and wish to learn more about it, then here are 6 interesting facts about kava that you should know about. These facts may not change your experience drinking it, but they will help you learn more about its culture.

1.    The Exact Place of Origin for Kava Is Unknown

There’s no doubt that the plant kava (which is used to make kava tea) originates in the Pacific Islands. However, there’s still some uncertainty about the exact place of origin. There is a general consensus that it comes from Vanuatu or Northern Vanuatu in the Pacific Islands. Some also believe that it could be from the island Maewo.  

2.    Kava Teas Were Drunk in Community Gatherings for More Than 1,000 Years

You may have heard of kava bars in recent times. They are like regular bars but serve kava teas instead of alcoholic beverages. Well, this idea of sitting together and drinking kava originates from Vanuatu for more than 1,000 years. These bars are called kava “nakamals,” and they were community gatherings.

3.    Kava Tea Gifts Were Considered Peace Offerings

Several years ago, people from certain islands in the Pacific Islands would take kava with them when visiting other islands. The drink was considered a gift and peace offering to allow for negotiations between the two groups of people.

4.    Kava Plants Mature After Four Years

This is one of the facts about kava that indicate that it’s a delicacy. The plant takes four years to mature. You can’t use the plant before it matures for the drink because it won’t contain the ingredients that cause the relaxation effects that are attributed to kava.

5.    Kava Has Many Names

You should know that kava is not called that in all cultures—which is an important fact to know if you plan to travel and drink your favorite drink.

For example, kava is the official national drink in Fiji, and it’s called Malogu or Yaqona. These names come from the characteristics of the drink. So, Malogu means relaxing, while Yaqona means bitter. On the other hand, it’s known as Awa in Hawaii. It’s Ava in Samoa.

6.    Florida Is the Place to Be to Enjoy Kava

The first kava bar in the United States was in Florida. Since then, Florida has amassed several kava bars and shops, making it the unofficial capital of kava in the US.

Last Few Words

These 6 facts about kava showcase how old and culturally rich this drink really is.

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