What Is a Kava Bar? Learn About Something Great

What is a kava bar? You may have heard about this term recently because quite a few kava bars are starting to come up in different parts of the United States. Kava bars offer the opportunity to drink excellent teas, socialize with friends, and simply relax after a tough day. So, if you’re intrigued by this phenomenon, read on and learn more about kava bars.

What Is a Kava Bar?

A kava bar is like a regular bar, except the establishment serves kava tea and its variations instead of alcoholic beverages. Kava tea is made from the plant kava, which is originally found in the Pacific Islands. However, it is not available in different parts of the world.

From Where Do Kava Bars Originate?

Like the plant itself, kava bars also originate in the Pacific Islands. These bars were called kava “nakamals.” These bars were community meetings held in Vanuatu where members of the community would sit together and drink kava tea. This tradition in Vanuatu is more than 1,000 years old, and we are only starting to see it present in the US in recent times.

The kava nakamals only served kava—nothing else. There, people could relax, connect with others on a spiritual and emotional level, and share their experiences.

What Are Kava Bars Like?

Kava bars in the United States may not be exactly the kava nakamals in the Pacific Islands, but the main idea is the same. In both cases, it is a space where different people can gather together, drink their kava teas, and relax with good company.

Different kava bars have tried to do different things to make their establishment stand out. So, some kava bars are more upscale while others are simplistic. Some larger bars also try to emulate the feel of a Pacific Island kava bar, with décor that resembles the tropical aesthetic of that region.

Kava bars in the US also offer variations with their drinks. So, you can order various kava types that taste different and have varying potencies. In many cases, the bars serve the drinks in coconut bowls, known as bilos. Typically, the lighting is dim, and the music is calm to foster a relaxed vibe.

Also, while there may be subtle differences among kava bars, all of them are focused on bringing people together in a relaxed setting, where they can feel comfortable enough to interact with others or simply enjoy some personal time.

Last Few Words

We certainly hope that the answer to your question, “what is a kava bar?” is clear. There are various establishments in the US (if that’s where you reside), and you can enjoy some delicious drinks with your friends.  

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