KAVA Lemonade
KAVA Lemonade
KAVA Lemonade
KAVA Lemonade
KAVA Lemonade
KAVA Lemonade

KAVA Lemonade

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Indulge in a refreshing tropical delight with Mitra9 Kava Lemonade! Our expertly crafted beverage is a harmonious blend of lightly carbonated kava extract and zesty fresh lemons, sweetened naturally with stevia. With every sip, experience a soothing coolness that leaves you feeling collected and revitalized, perfect for those hot summer days.

Made from premium ingredients, including the natural extract of the kava plant used for centuries in the Pacific islands. Mitra9 Kava Lemonade embodies a rich heritage of tradition and natural goodness. Our kava extract undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring top-notch safety and quality.

Low in calories and free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, our beverage offers a pure and wholesome indulgence. What's more, it is caffeine free, making it an excellent choice for all-day enjoyment.

Discover the exceptional taste and natural benefits of our Kava Lemonade—a true thirst quencher that elevates your summer experience. Embrace the essence of paradise in each bottle, and let the revitalizing power of kava take you on a refreshing journey. 

Key Features:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Sugar-free
  • Low calorie

What's Different About Mitra9's Kava?

Traditional kava is a bitter drink made from kava roots. At Mitra9, we want to take the goodness of traditional kava, but make it more enjoyable by removing the bitter flavor and increasing its portability, while keeping the benefits of the drink. We've successfully crafted both kava seltzers and RelaxPaks so you can have great tasting kava anywhere.

High Quality Kava

Mitra9 sources high-quality kava from various partners in the Pacific islands. We implement rigorous testing and production practices for purity and potency.

Alcohol Free Relaxation

Discover the serene tranquility of the Pacific with Mitra9's premium kava, offering you the perfect alcohol-free relaxation experience. Escape the stress of everyday life as this ancient, ceremonial tea infuses your evenings with calmness.

Buy Kava Online

Choose Mitra9 for a seamless experience that marries centuries-old tradition with the convenience of modern online shopping. Enjoy peace of mind with every purchase, knowing that a tranquil oasis of relaxation is just a click away, underscored by the assurance of our solid commitment to your happiness and well-being.

Unique Kava Drinks

Kava is widely known for its calming, relaxing effects. Kava may also help improve sleep and reduce stress. Although usually bitter, Mitra9 has created four low calorie, delicious flavors of kava seltzers that will help you unwind anytime.

mitra9 kava drink coconut lychee flavor infographic
kava root


Mitra9 Difference

Mitra9 seltzers are revolutionizing traditional kratom consumption. Gone are the days of mixing complex smoothies or taking kratom capsules. You can now enjoy a Mitra9 kratom drink anywhere and enjoy a refreshing, zero calorie experience.



"Mitra9 is awesome and their product is top of the line. The company is very easy to work with, they get you the order as fast as possible, and all the employees are exceptional. Mitra9 is by far the best drink for all your kratom needs."

Eli Ruganis
Riptide Captain Services, Naples, FL

Mitra9 kava is both a delicious and refreshing alternative to alcohol that made a positive impact on my life.

Chad Rogers
Naples, FL

I tried the starter pack and decided I need some of both. These drinks get me through the day.

Los Angeles, CA

I know I'll sound like an infomercial but their drinks work better than everything else I have tried.

Brian Fannigan

This is a blessing. I have tried meditation, melatonin, and everything else possible when all I needed was a simple kava drink. THANK YOU Mitra9.


These are, by far, the best kratom drinks I have ever had!

Anthony V


The kava kava plant, a member of the pepper family, is native to the South Pacific Islands, where its roots are cultivated, dried, and milled into a fine powder to prepare kava root tea. This entirely natural beverage has been a staple in Polynesian and Melanesian communities for generations. In the United States, it's becoming increasingly sought-after as a natural method to alleviate tension and encourage relaxation after a hectic day. Within its indigenous regions, kava consumption is deeply embedded in various sacred religious and cultural rituals, as well as significant communal events. Additionally, kava has a long history of being brewed and consumed for its therapeutic properties.

The kava kava plant, scientifically recognized as Piper Methysticum, is aptly described as "intoxicating pepper" from its Latin roots. Kava's effectiveness stems from its active components, the kavalactones, which engage with the brain's limbic system, particularly targeting the amygdala, which is responsible for managing emotions. Consequently, kava is widely acknowledged for its ability to induce mental and physical relaxation.

Drinking a high-quality, strong kava typically initiates a mild numbing sensation in your lips and mouth, a standard reaction due to its analgesic properties. This sensation is often an indicator of the kava's potency.

Consuming kava tends to usher in feelings of tranquility and happiness, possibly even a state of euphoria. It can alleviate feelings of anxiety, fear, or stress, calming any racing thoughts. Physically, it contributes to muscle relaxation, a sensation of heaviness, followed potentially by drowsiness.

However, the specific effects of kava can significantly vary based on the strain, quality, and form of kava consumed. Fresher, higher-quality kava yields stronger effects. Furthermore, the experience it provides is also influenced by its unique composition of kavalactones, the active compounds in kava. Each kava strain has a specific chemotype that profiles the particular assortment of kavalactones it contains, influencing the overall impact on your body and mind.

Kava root tea's effects typically begin within 5 to 15 minutes after consumption, starting with a noticeable numbing of the lips, tongue, and mouth. Following this initial sensation, you'll likely experience mental and physical relaxation. It's advisable to consume kava on an empty stomach to fully experience its calming properties, as having a full stomach may hinder or delay the onset of its effects.

Additionally, the body's response to kava can vary, especially when you first start consuming it. Since kava's active ingredients work in harmony with your body, there might be an adjustment period before you start noticing its benefits. As such, some individuals may not feel any significant changes until they have been consuming kava consistently for several days or even a few weeks.

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