What You Should Know About the Differences between Kava and Damiana

Kava is one of the few herbs people consume in various parts of the world to calm themselves and possibly even alleviate some chronic pain. Another interesting yet less known herb is damiana. It is grown in different parts of the world compared to kava. In addition to that, the effects may vary as well. So, here’s what you should know about the differences between kava and damiana. You can use this guide to make an informed decision on which herb to get that will suit your needs.

Differences between Kava and Damiana

Below are specific categories that explain the differences between these two herbs.

Place of Origin

Kava originates from the South Pacific Islands, such as Fiji and Hawaii. While you can get this plant in different parts of the world, it is still grown on these islands only. This is because the conditions are ideal here.

On the other hand, damiana is grown in subtropical regions of the southeastern United States. The most common region is Texas. In addition to that, it is also grown in Mexico and some parts of Africa.

The Effects of the Herbs

Kava is primarily used to help you feel calmer and reduce stress. It may be beneficial to those who have anxiety issues, as it can help manage thoughts without making your mind feel cloudy. This herb may also help with relaxing your muscles, which can help also help with muscle soreness and other muscular pains.

One of the biggest differences between kava and damiana is that the latter is not mainly used for its relaxing properties. In most cases, people use it as an aphrodisiac, which is a substance to improve sexual performance. That said, damiana can also be used to calm your body and reduce stress. However, kava is a much better option for that as it can also help with improving sleep and lifting up your mood.

However, both of these herbs may help with losing weight in some cases.

How the Herbs Are Taken

You can consume both herbs by making tea from their crushed, dried leaves. You can also find supplements of both herbs in the form of tinctures or capsules. However, one major difference is that you can smoke damiana, which you cannot do with kava.

Last Few Words

The differences between kava and damiana help elucidate how one herb can benefit some people more than the other. While some people also mix the two herbs during consumption, it’s best to avoid that practice. That is because it can make you feel some side effects the same day or the next.

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