What You Must Know When Trying Kava for the First Time

A lot of people have started to drink kava tea in the United States, and perhaps you want to get onto the hype train as well. Kava tea is made from the plant kava, which is found in the Pacific Islands. While this herbal drink has been consumed for centuries, it is only now starting to reach different parts of the world. So, if you want to see what this is all about, here’s what you must know when trying kava for the first time.

Learn About the Different Kava Varieties and Kava Products

The first thing that you must know is that there are two primary kava varieties and all other kava products are within those categories. These varieties are Tudei kava and Noble kava.

You’re better off sticking with Noble kava. Tudei kava is known for its side effects that last about two days. The side effects include lethargy and nausea. So, avoid risking having a poor first time by opting for Tudei kava.

Various Kava Products

There are various kava products that you can buy to try the drink for the first time. Some examples include the following.

  • Ground kava root: this is ground kava leaves that you’ll use to make your drink. It’s the most traditional form of creating the drink
  • Instant kava: you can stir this fine powder directly into water or another drink to consume it
  • Kava concentrate
  • Kava pills
  • Prepared Kava teas
  • Kava-based drinks

Kava Is More about Feel than Flavor

When trying kava for the first time, it’s important to note that you should focus on how a kava tea can make you feel. The taste is not particularly great, so try not to focus on that, especially when drinking it for the first time.

You May Feel a Brief Numbing Sensation on Your Lips

When you sip a kava drink, you may feel a numbing sensation on your lips for about a minute or two. This sensation is not unusual as it indicates that the drink is high-quality and has a high concentration of kavalactone content.

A Kava Drink Helps You Relax

It can take about fifteen to twenty minutes for the effects of your kava tea to kick in. So, a kava drink helps you relax. You may feel a sudden change in how your body feels. Typically, your body relaxes, allowing you to feel calm and happy.

Always Buy Your Kava from a Reputable Manufacturer

When trying kava for the first time, it’s important that you get your product from a reputable manufacturer that is renowned for high-quality products. High-quality, well-sourced kava will help you have a good first experience.

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