What You Must Know About Samoan Kava

Kava originates from the Pacific Islands, and each of the islands has its own unique type of kava. The growing processes vary, and the flavors are also unique. One type of special tea is Samoan kava. It’s special because it’s very rare to find, making it a delicacy in parts of North America. With that said, this article explains what you must know about Samoan kava. You can perhaps see why it’s so special then.

How the Landscape Affects Samoan Kava

Samoa is one of the nine islands in the South Pacific Ocean. As discussed above, the kava grown on each of these islands varies significantly due to the different landscapes and environmental conditions. Samoa is a rocky landscape that was formed due to volcanic activity a long time ago. As a result, Samoa has volcanic soil that gives kava its unique characteristics.

The Reason Why Samoan Kava is Rare

The reason for its rarity is that it is grown in small quantities. There is also a limited amount of this soil dedicated to the growth of kava. Therefore, there is a limited amount of kava available for commercial use. You have to be lucky to be able to experience authentic Samoan kava. It can be hard to find as it takes a while until a new batch is grown.

Of course, some manufacturers also grow it outside of Samoa. In those cases, the uniqueness is still present, but the same authenticity is not.

Characteristics of Samoan Kava

One of the most notable features of Samoan kava is that it has good taste. If you have drank kava, you may be aware that its flavor is more of an acquired taste as compared to other  drinks such as coffee and tea. However, Samoan kava is easily one of the best-tasting types of kava that you can find.

In addition to that, Samoan kava also has great relaxation effects--more so than some other types of kava. At the same time, you can enjoy the relaxation effects without dealing with some of the sedation that comes with drinking kava. So, you can drink this type of kava even during the day without risking feeling sleepy while you’re at work.

Samoan kava can also make you feel a mild sense of euphoria or an improvement in overall mood. Thus, it can be a great option if you want to improve your overall sociability. So, it can be a good choice if you’re visiting a kava bar.

Last Few Words

If you’re interested in kava, you must know about Samoan kava and its characteristics. If you can ever get the chance to experience it, don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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