What You Must Know About Borogu Kava

The Pacific Islands are the home of kava. The nine islands there have their own types of kava with different growing conditions and practices, creating unique flavors and experiences for their users. Among these different types of region-specific kava, there is Borogu kava. This is the type of kava that is grown on the islands of Vanuatu, and it’s also considered the original kava among avid kava drinkers. Thus, this article explains what you must know about Borogu kava. This way, you won’t only know what’s special about this type of kava, but you can then make an informed decision about which strain to get when you’re looking to buy kava.

How the Landscape Affects Borogu Kava

Vanuatu is a region within the Pacific Ocean with 83 different islands. On some of these islands, Borogu kava is grown. It’s not the only kava grown here, but it is the most consumed. Thus, the islands are filled with rugged mountains, active volcanoes, and coastal areas. The diversity has made the kava grown here unique and original (at least to avid kava drinkers).

Fortunately, this type of kava is also grown in different parts of the world, including the United States. Therefore, you can get this type of kava with relative ease--especially if you compare it with Samoan kava. This also made Borogu kava one of the most popular, if not the most popular, types of kava available in the North American market. Its characteristics have also made it a common choice among people who love drinking kava tea (more on this below).

Characteristics of Borogu Kava

What you must know about Borogu kava is that it is what is known as a balanced form of kava. This means that you will get to experience its relaxing and mood-boosting effects if you take small doses. On the other hand, you can possibly make your muscles feel relaxed and calm your mind with a higher dose of this type of kava.

It’s important to understand that Borogu kava is high in kavalactones. Kavalactones are the ingredients responsible for the calming effects that you generally experience when you take kava. Therefore, higher kavalactones can allow you to experience the effects without necessarily taking high doses.

What this indicates is that you can use Borogu kava in numerous ways. If you simply want to feel calmer with a mild sense of euphoria, this tea can help. On the other hand, if you want to feel sleepier with effective muscle relaxation, then this tea is also a good option.

Last Few Words

If you like kava, you must know about Borogu kava and its characteristics as it’s a great all-around option for most users.

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