What Is a Kava Strainer Bag and How to Choose One?

What is a kava strainer bag? It is a device that is used to strain crushed kava leaves. Therefore, it’s used to make kava drinks that don’t have any kava root present in them. You should not consume the kava leaf or powder directly. So, this device helps ensure that. Thus, this article explains what this device is and how to choose one.

What is a Kava Strainer Bag?

A kava strainer bag typically can sift medium grinds or coarser. So avoid using one with fine grinds. This is because you will end up with Kava root in your drink. Of course, this will depend on the type of strainer you use, as some strainers are capable of straining even fine grinds.

There are some characteristics of Kava strainers that allow them to be effective for this purpose. One of these characteristics is that they should be durable. Putting them through extremely hot water should not damage them after a few times. At the same time, you may also need to use a spoon for kneading the kava root present in this strain to release the kavalactones. Doing so also releases the excess water present in the kava strainer bag.

Types of Kava Strainer Bags

There are a few different types of Kava strainer bags. Therefore, we will list them down so that you know your choices when you want to create delicious kava at home. While there are certainly some more traditional kava strainer bags made from natural materials available, the more modern ones with synthetic strainers are more effective at this process. So, you may be able to get better value out of your investment by purchasing a modern synthetic strainer. With that said, take a look at your options below.

Synthetic Kava Strainer Bags

These bags typically have nylon screens that are designed to keep the Kava root and water separate. About 100 microns ensure that. Synthetic kava strainer bags are your best bet in terms of durability and effectiveness.

Muslin Kava Strainer Bags

The next best option is to get a muslin cloth. What’s great about this option is that it is affordable and effective. That said, it most likely will not last as long as a synthetic strainer bag.

How to Pick One

Consider your kava dosage per cup. The strainer should be large enough for you to strain the correct amount at one time. At the same time, if you drink kava daily, buy one that’s durable. In that case, a synthetic bag may be a better choice.

Last Few Words

A kava strainer bag is an important accessory for kava lovers. So, get one that helps make it easier to make your favorite drink.

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