What Are Botanical Beverages?

Botanical beverages are gaining popularity as delicious and nutritious treats. But people who are new to the scene may not really understand how plant-based beverages are made and their benefits. Hence, we have compiled a quick guide on delicious botanical beverages to get you up to speed!

What Are Botanicals?

Botanicals are fresh or dried plants, parts of the plant, or plants with isolated or mixed chemical components that have been extracted in water, ethanol, or other organic solvents, oleoresins, essential oils, and other extracts for flavoring, useful health benefits, fragrance, or medicine. Botanicals have been utilized in a number of ways for a long time, including as ingredients in drinks.

Advantages of Using Botanical Ingredients in Beverages

Botanical extracts are produced directly from plants, typically from the leaves, fruits, or flowers, and have a distinct flavor. Many botanical extracts are produced using frozen raw materials, while others are created with dried raw materials; the condition of the raw materials may affect the flavor concentration. Frozen materials, on the whole, have a more genuine and fresh flavor than dried ones.

Mitra9 has an extensive flavor portfolio that includes the beneficial Kratom (more on that later), passion fruit, watermelon, tropical sunrise, acai, and dragon fruit. The resultant compositions may offer increased flavor complexity, making them a unique treat.

Are Botanicals Sustainable?
Botanicals are much more sustainable than other beverages items since they are all-natural. Our botanical ingredients, like berries and evergreen trees, for example, have a clear supply chain and source.

What is the Future of Botanical Beverages?

The demand for plant-based ingredients grows, so does the knowledge and technology required to provide it. Along the supply chain, there are greater traceability measures and transparency in place and better and more economical quality testing. New techniques have been created to assist in better microencapsulate substances. There are additional techniques that enable us to de-flavor and deodorize plant substances, as well as enhances extraction. There was never a better opportunity to learn more about botanicals and how they may help you come up with new and exciting beverage concepts.

A Leader in Botanical Beverages: Mitra9

Mitra9 botanical beverages are made using tropical evergreen trees native to Southeast Asia called Mitragyna Speciosa, which belongs to the coffee tree family. It’s native to Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, where it’s been utilized in herbal medicine since the 1800s. These cultures have traditionally utilized it to promote good mental health, and some individuals just take it to improve their mood.

The Kratom tree, Mitragyna Speciosa, is quite a special ingredient for delicious beverage teas. The leaves are utilized for both recreational and medicinal purposes. To improve physical endurance and raise mood (as a euphoriant), the leaves are either directly chewed or consumed as a yummy and soothing tea.

Kratom may help you feel better if you have certain physical conditions such as a cough, high blood pressure, diarrhea, and pain. Mitragynine, a substance found in Kratom, can have some pain-relieving properties. In addition to physical conditions, consuming tea from a Kratom tree may show some positive effects if you have mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and opiate withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, you may even experience a bit of a boost in sexual function. So, if you’re looking to help yourself feel better, then try out a delicious botanical tea.