Tips on Making Your First Kava Drinking Experience Great

If you’re ready to delve into the wonderful world of botanical teas like kava, then expect great things in the future. That said, it’s important to make your first kava drinking experience great so that you can look forward to it again. In some cases, drinking an excessively strong cup of kava for the first time can be too overwhelming. You may experience some side effects, and you likely won’t find an appreciation for the drink. So, this article offers some tips on making the first cup delicious.

Buy High-Quality Kava

The very first thing to do is to buy only high-quality kava. Don’t settle on the low-priced powders because they may not offer you a great experience due to their low quality. They may also not be fresh. So, do some research. Read online reviews, ask your friends or colleagues, and check out social media discussions. Once you’re confident in a product, buy it.

Use a Relatively Low Dosage

There are different types of kava products that you can buy. If you want to be safe, you could simply get kava powder for your first kava drinking experience. Kava powder is ground dried kava leaves. So, stick with a relatively low dosage the first time. This way, you can enjoy the relaxing sensation the drink provides without the side effects like nausea, etc. So, try 1 or 1.5 tablespoons of dried kava powder in a cup of water.

Have It with a Friend

It may help you to have some company when you drink your first cup of kava tea. They can offer you some support, and you can also use this moment to bond with a friend or partner. It’s even better if you drink it with someone who has experience with kava teas. They can help you with getting the right dosages and explain what you’re feeling throughout the experience.

Avoid Alcohol and Other Intoxicants

To prevent the kava drinking experience from becoming overwhelming or to minimize any side effects, it’s best to avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages immediately after your kava tea. Also, avoid any other intoxicants for a short while.

Last Few Words

One important way to make your first kava drinking experience great is to understand that kava tea is more about how it makes you feel than how it tastes. The taste may not be as great as coffee or any other one of your favorite drinks, so focus on the way it relaxes your body instead. When you focus on the feeling instead of the taste, you can really start to enjoy drinking kava.

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