How to Use Kava with Meditation – A Quick Guide

Kava has a reputation for allowing its consumers to feel relaxed and calm. At the same time, it may help reduce stress, help relax your muscles, and alleviate anxiety symptoms. So, it can be a suitable choice to use it with meditation to make your experience more calming and insightful.

What’s great about this herb is that you can use it with different types of meditative practices. These types of meditations include zen, mindfulness, mantra, guided, and yogic meditations. With that said, here’s a quick guide on how to use kava with meditation to help you enable you to reach new heights with calmness and self-reflection.

Steps on How to Use Kava with Meditation

Here are the steps on using kava with meditation.

Create a Kava Tea

Start with making a kava tea. You can also consume kava tea in different ways, such as tablets or capsules. However, the advantage of kava tea is that you have full control over the dosage and, thus, the intensity of the drink.  

Drink the Tea at the Right Time

It’s best to drink your kava tea about half an hour before your meditation. This way, you’ll give the drink enough time to enter your bloodstream, allowing it to help your body relax. In addition to that, you’ll also start to feel that boost in dopamine, enabling you to feel better.

Start Your Meditation Session

Once you can start to feel the effects of the kava, you can start meditation. At that point, you’ll start to experience just how positive it can make you feel while simultaneously improving your overall concentration. Meditation is about achieving inner peace through self-reflection, and kava helps enable that greatly, but more on that below.

Why Kava Is Great for Using with Meditation

Other than knowing how to use kava with meditation, you should also have an idea about why it’s a good choice. So, in addition to helping your body relax, kava can help boost dopamine in your brain. As a result, you’ll feel good too. However, what’s important to note is that it does that without typically compromising your mental clarity—something that is imperative for meditation.

So, when you start your meditation, you’ll have a positive feeling and the necessary focus to self-reflect in a calm state.

Now that you know how to use kava with meditation, it’s time to get the kava powder to make your meditative experiences even better. Thus, it’s crucial that you only buy high-quality kava powder or kava-based drinks that use well-sourced herbs. This way, you can experience its benefits with minimal to no side effects.

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