Different Types of Kava from the Pacific Islands

If you’re aware of the recent hype surrounding botanical teas, such as kava and kratom, you may know that both of them originate from different parts of the world. Kratom comes from Southeast Asia originally and kava from the Pacific Islands.

Now, because the Pacific Islands are within a large region, there are some differences in the climate and environments on certain islands. As a result, different types of kava are grown on those islands. Therefore, this article highlights these varieties of kava so that you can know more about the herb and choose one that you feel will suit you best.

Different Types of Kava in the Pacific Islands

As with other botanical teas, the growing conditions can affect the type of the herb, which, in turn, alters the end product that you consume. So, even minute changes in humidity, temperature, and altitude can make a notable difference in the kava variety. With that said, here are the types of kava from the Pacific Islands. We’d also like to mention that this is not an exhaustive list, but it’s certainly some of the more popular varieties.

Tongan Kava

This variety comes from the country Tonga. You can expect this kava to taste a bit better than other varieties (just don’t expect kava to taste like the best thing you’ve had—focus on the feeling instead). It is also particularly smooth, which can make it a good choice for beginners. The volcanic soils of Tonga help create a drink that’s relaxing and uplifting, making it great for consumption during the day.

Samoan Kava (Ava)

Samoan kava, which is known as ava, is known for its uplifting properties that may help make you feel happier than usual. In addition to that, it also has minimal to no sedative effects, allowing you to stay alert when you drink it. It’s important to note that this variety is rarer than others, and it may be more expensive as a result.

Vanuatu Kava

This kava variety is from Vanuatu, which is considered an ancestral space for kava from the Pacific Islands. What’s interesting about this place is that about 80 varieties of kava originate from here. Some of the more common ones include Melomelo, Borongoru, and Borogu.

What makes Vanuatu kava unique is that they are great for changing your mood to a calm and relaxed one by affecting both your body and mind. Within about 15 to 30 minutes of drinking the botanical tea, you can start to feel yourself in a mellow mode that’s all about calming yourself in a fun way.

Last Few Words

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