3 Myths About the Kava Root – What You Should Know About the Herb

Kava tea is a product of the herb kava root. While many people are enjoying their consumption of this herb and its tea, there are still some misconceptions about it in popular culture. These myths tend to give the herb a bad reputation, which is not surprising considering there were some official misconceptions about the herb and its effect in US history.

Therefore, this article helps you learn more about the herb by highlighting 3myths about the kava root. This information can then help you make an informed decision if you plan to buy and use the herb.

1.The Effects of Consuming the Kava Root Are Similar to That of Alcohol

This myth could not be farther from the truth. Alcohol is an intoxicant and a depressant. Therefore, it will affect your body and mind, making it harder for you to move, make judgments, speak, and think. That is why it is illegal to drink and drive.

On the other hand, kava root can help your body feel relaxed without inhibiting your thoughts and movements. So, you won’t lose control of your body if you drink too much kava—which is what occurs with high alcohol consumption.

A term known as a kava hangover is also fairly common. However, while the term may be similar to the one used with the consumption of alcohol, the effects are different. People experience hangovers with alcohol because it dehydrates the body. Therefore, you feel a headache and extreme lethargy the following morning. The symptoms are very mild with a kava hangover, and they also occur rarely. Typically, they occur if you don’t hydrate yourself—not necessarily because of the kava root itself. 

2. Kava Root Can Liver Damage

This is one of the most common myths about the kava root that is now debunked. There have been very few cases of people dealing with liver disease and consuming the kava root. The World Health Organization declared in 2015 that kava was non-toxic to the liver. Nevertheless, it’s best to only buy and use high-quality kava root from reputable stores so that you don’t put your health at risk.

3. Consuming the Kava Root Permanently Alters Your Mind

There’s no doubt that the kava root can help relax your mind and offer good mental clarity. However, it will not make any permanent changes to your mind. Again, make sure to buy only products from suppliers who are transparent about what goes into their products.

Last Few Words

These 3 myths about the kava root show that the substance is not nearly as much of a risk to consume as some people may originally believe.

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