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Our kava drinks are infused with premium kava, sourced from the rich, volcanic soils of the Pacific islands, ensuring an authentic experience in every can. Known for its calming properties, kava offers a natural way to unwind, perfect for those seeking a herbal alternative for stress relief.

      Experience the serene embrace of the Pacific islands with our exclusive range of kava seltzers. Each of our kava drinks is imbued with the finest kava, harvested from the nutrient-dense volcanic soils of the islands, promising not just a drink, but a journey to tranquility. Kava, celebrated for its soothing qualities, provides a serene retreat from the day's stress, making it an ideal, alcohol-free choice for relaxation. Whether you're seeking a moment of peace or a gentle unwind, our kava seltzers are your herbal haven for stress relief and calm.
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      Reimagine How You Drink kava

      Kava, also known as kava-kava has been used for centuries in the western Pacific. The roots of the plant are used to produce a drink that induces calmness and relaxation.

      Premium KAVA Beverages

      Selecting premium Kava products is key for those interested in its benefits, especially as an alcohol alternative. Inferior Kava might not live up to expectations and could be contaminated. Choosing reliable vendors and focusing on high-quality Kava ensures a more consistent experience. Kava comes in various types, each with unique attributes. Focusing on quality and reliable sources allows you to explore the rich variety of Kava, maintaining its value and making it a viable substitute for alcohol.

      Mitra9 Kava Seltzer Drink In Can Flavor Variety

      What's Different About Mitra9's Kava Seltzers & Drinks?

      Mitra9 reimagines the traditional kava drink, which is known for its bitterness and made from kava roots, by enhancing its taste and convenience. Our aim is to retain the beneficial qualities of kava while eliminating its bitter taste and boosting its portability. We have skillfully developed both kava seltzers and RelaxPaks, allowing you to enjoy the flavorsome and convenient benefits of kava anytime, anywhere.

      High Quality Kava

      Mitra9 sources high-quality kava from various partners in the Pacific islands. We implement rigorous testing and production practices for purity and potency.

      Alcohol Free Relaxation

      Experience the peaceful essence of the Pacific through Mitra9's high-quality kava. This premium, alcohol-free alternative offers a serene relaxation experience. Unwind from daily pressures as this time-honored, ceremonial tea brings a sense of calm to your evenings.

      Buy Kava Online

      Opt for Mitra9 to blend ancient traditions with today's online shopping ease. Each purchase brings the comfort of knowing that a relaxing retreat is merely a click away. This is further enhanced by our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction and overall wellness.

      KAVA Drink FAQs

      Kava differs greatly from alcohol in its production and effects. Unlike alcohol, which is created by fermenting fruits and grains and can affect mental faculties, kava is derived from the root of a naturally occurring plant and is simply processed using water. This process results in a beverage that promotes relaxation and calmness, without impairing cognitive functions.

      High-quality kava is both accessible and legally available for export. The freshness of kava root is preserved through processing it into powder. If you are looking for a more enjoyable kava experience, purchase Mitra9's kava drinks online now.

      The flavor of kava can differ from person to person; some may find it pleasant, while others might not. Fortunately, its taste can be improved by blending it with juices or different flavorings. To cater to those who aren't fond of kava's natural taste, certain brands offer kava-infused candies and palate-cleansing options. At Mitra9, we focus on creating kava drinks that are not only refreshing and delicious but also low in calories. We've moved past the era of traditionally bitter kava, offering enjoyable and flavorful alternatives for a better kava drinking experience.

      Each kava seltzer has 500mg of kava extract.