The Basics You Should Know About the Kratom Tree

If you haven’t tried Kratom tea yet, there are a few things you should know about it. That way, you’ll know what to expect. You’re more likely to enjoy drinking it if you have some understanding of where it originates from, what we use of it to make tea, what it feels like, and what types of kratom are available. So, this article provides you with the basics you should know about the kratom tree to help you make an informed decision about experimenting with new drinks.

What Is the Kratom Tree?

The kratom tree is called mitragyna speciosa. It originates from Southeast Asia, which includes places like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, and Malaysia. This part of the world is ideal for the growth of kratom due to the high levels of humidity and heat. Thus, these conditions make it possible for the growth of alkaloids and flavonoids, which are essential compounds that give kratom its unique character.

What Are Some Characteristics of the Kratom Tree?

A kratom tree can look slightly different based on where it grows. Some may be much taller than others, ranging between 10 to 100 feet in height. The tree is upright in most cases, and the color and texture of the bark are grey and smooth. The tree is usually about 1 foot in width and grows all year round. So, you can get kratom leaves at any time of the year.

The tree also has glossy green leaves that are about 4 to 5 inches wide and 8 inches long, making them relatively larger than most plants’ leaves. The plant also has clusters of yellow flowers.

What Is the Kratom We Consume?

When the kratom tree matures, the leaves are harvested. They can be harvested at different maturity levels. You can tell the maturity levels by the different colors of the leaves’ veins. The least mature kratom has green veins, and the most mature has red. Yellow and white veins are in the middle.

Therefore, the kratom we consume is the crushed leaves, which are turned into powder. That powder can be consumed as capsule supplements, mixed with water to create a tea, or consumed via the toss and wash method.

How Does Consuming Kratom Make You Feel?

Consuming kratom, whether as a tea or otherwise, may make you feel relaxed, alleviate pains in your body, or even improve your focus. The effects depend on the maturity level of kratom, with the white vein kratom offering better focus and red offering calming properties.

Now that you know the basics you should know about the kratom tree, you can look for a reliable supplier to get you the leaves.

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