How to Prepare Kratom Tea – What You Should Know

If you’re here, you’ve probably heard all the raving about kratom tea. The drink is known for making people feel relaxed, helping with pain, anxiety, and more. So, if you plan to give the tea a try for yourself, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s relatively straightforward to prepare the beverage. Following a few important instructions can help you create a drink that feels right for you without feeling too overbearing. With that said, here’s a guide on how to prepare kratom tea.

How to Prepare Kratom Tea – An Overview of the Process

It’s important to understand that kratom tea preferences can vary significantly, just like with other teas and coffee. Hence, the dosages may vary, and the drink you mix it may not be the same. So, we’ll simply offer some advice for beginners so that you can have a good first experience drinking this excellent drink. Moreover, we focus on creating kratom tea with kratom powder made by crushing the plant’s leaves.

Measure the Dosage

With kratom tea, the dosage makes a significant impact on the experience. Moreover, there’s a fine line between a medium dosage and a high dosage. So, you could potentially have a very strong drink if you don’t measure it and potentially have a bad first experience.

Ideally, you should use a kitchen measuring scale to measure your kratom powder. Usually, one to two grams are enough for a cup of kratom tea. However, it’s best if you have about 0.5 grams for the first time. This way, you can avoid some of the unpleasant effects of the drink. You could use a teaspoon to measure the amount of kratom, but it will be difficult to get an accurate measurement with it.

Put the Ingredients in a Pot

You can choose to make kratom tea with green tea leaves or black tea leaves. You could also add other ingredients, such as cinnamon or lemon. So, add the ingredients of your choice to a pot along with the water. Next, add the measured kratom into the pot.

Heat the Mixture

After that, turn on the stove and let the mixture heat. You should let it heat till it simmers. It’s best to avoid it from boiling because the high temperature can destroy the alkaloids in kratom, taking away from the benefits of the drink.

Pour the Drink When Ready

You could use a thermometer to measure the liquid’s temperature, or you could use your judgment. Once the drink is ready, pour it into a cup or mug, and enjoy.

Last Few Words

So, that’s how to prepare kratom tea. It’s quick and simple. You could ask some of your kratom tea-drinking friends for additional tips on flavor if you like.

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