Different Types of Kratom – What You Should Know

Many people are starting to drink botanical teas such as kratom and kava in the United States and other parts of the world. Kratom is a herb that originates from Southeast Asia, but its relaxing effects have made it popular in various places.

If you’re looking to buy some kratom to try for the first time, you should know that there are a few different types of kratom based on the strain, color, and form. Thus, in this article, we’ll go over these types so that you can make an informed decision about drinking it for the first time.

Different Types of Kratom

As mentioned above, kratom can differ based on three major factors as listed below:

  1. The kratom strain
  2. Kratom colors
  3. The forms of kratom

That said, before we explain these three factors, you should know that different concentrations of alkaloids are what make variations of kratom differ from each other. Alkaloids are the chemicals responsible for kratom’s unique properties.

The Kratom Strain

All kratom strains are from the same tree. However, the variations in the environment and climate during the plant’s growth alter the properties a bit to yield different strains. Even small changes in the humidity levels, temperature, and altitude of where the plant is grown can make a strain unique from another as the concentrations of the alkaloids change to some degree.

There are a few common strains that you should know about, and it’s best if you choose one of them for the first time. These types of kratom strains include the following.

  • Borneo Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Bali Kratom

Kratom Colors

The color of the kratom herb will be the same as the natural color of the plant (not any additions made to it afterward). There are three color profiles as listed below.

  • Green vein kratom
  • Red vein kratom
  • White vein kratom

The colors of the kratom varieties indicate the maturity levels, with green being the least mature and red being the most mature. The red variety has the highest concentration of alkaloids, making it the most common color variety. However, if you’re drinking kratom for the first time, it might be best to try something less strong than that.

The Forms of Kratom

You can find different types of kratom forms in the market today. The most common are still powdered kratom and kratom leaves, which you’ll need to crush into powdered form yourself to make a drink of it. In addition to that, you can find kratom in liquid form in drinks that are ready to consume. Moreover, kratom capsules can make consumption quicker and easier.

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