Benefits of Kratom Tea

Kratom tea, which is made from the plant by the same name or Mitragyna speciosa originates from Southeast Asia. However, many people around the world are starting to include the drink in their diets. This is mostly because people who drink it claim that they can feel various health benefits. While there is still a lack of scientific research to substantiate these claims, there is undeniably some value in what people are saying about it. Moreover, there’s some evidence to even support these claims. With that said, here’s an overview of some of the benefits of kratom tea.

Benefits of Kratom Tea

People in Southeast Asia have been drinking kratom tea for at least 150 years. There, the drink is considered to help with alleviating pain, relaxing muscles, and possibly helping with diarrhea. With that said, let’s get into the tea’s possible benefits.

May Help with Alleviating Pain

One of the most discussed benefits of kratom tea is how it may help with relieving pain. Many people will even attest to that.

May Help with Symptoms of Mood Disorders

An online survey conducted in 2017 suggested that kratom tea helped some people with mood disorders to manage their condition’s symptoms. The symptoms included depression and anxiety. So, having a cup of kratom tea may help you feel relaxed during a challenging day.

May Help with Opioid Withdrawal

If you’re looking to get rid of taking opioids but the withdrawal is tough to overcome, drinking kratom tea may help. Kratom leaves have chemicals like 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, which can react with your brain’s opioid receptors.

Possible Risks of Kratom

There are some possible risks of consuming kratom as well. Some of them are as follows.

Kratom does have some properties similar to opioids, so it can cause a certain level of dependency or addiction if you take it too often.

Kratom may help with feeling relaxed in some people, but it may have the opposite effect as well, causing you to experience restlessness and disturbed sleep.

Kratom vs. Alcohol

If you have the chance to drink either kratom tea or alcohol, you should consider kratom tea for a change. This is especially so if you want to wake up with a clear head for the next day with Kratom tea, you won’t necessarily have to deal with hangovers and the discomforting feeling in your head the next day.

While it’s important to know the benefits of kratom tea, you must also know the potential risks they may pose. Once you know that, you can determine if it’s the right fit for you.

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